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    The Church of Scientology International created and launched the “Drug-Free Marshals” youth drug-education and prevention program in 1993, a program to educate children as young as 6 on the dangers of drugs, and to challenge them to remain drug-free. They demonstrate their commitment by being “sworn in” as Drug-Free Marshals, pledging to remain drug-free and to encourage their peers to do the same.

    The campaign rapidly spread internationally, Since its inception, in excess of 3.1 million people have been sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals in cities and towns throughout the United States, Canada, united Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Europe.

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The Drug-Free Marshals and
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The Drug Free Marshals’

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Drug-Free Marshals’

The Drug-Free Marshals’

Who Is Teaching Our Youth?

How Can I Help to Create
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Scientology and Drug
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