Introducing The Drug-Free Marshals

The Drug-Free Marshals is a youth drug-education and drug prevention campaign.The program educates children as young as 6 on the dangers of drugs, and challenges them to remain drug-free.

Have you ever seen someonewho is on drugs?

They don’t look allthere, right? They say odd thingsthat don’t make sense. They areeither completely out of it or lyingaround looking miserable. Maybeyou’ve had a friend or familymember who was like that.

There are many different drugs.Some are worse than others.

One of the most common drugsis marijuana, which comes from abushy plant.

Marijuana gives people a "high,"a fake kind of loose, laid-back feeling.You think half an hourwent by, then find out it wasonly 10 minutes.

Marijuana can damagethe lungs and heart as wellas interfere with physicalgrowth. It increases the rate at whichthe heart beats. Some kids have shown up at the doctors office complainingof chest pains. When the doctor toldthem to stop smoking pot, andthey did, the chest painsdisappeared.

Its better never to start on drugs. So to help people be drug-free, Ibecame a Drug-Free Marshal. The Drug-Free Marshals helptheir families and friends be drug-free.

I want to talk to you about
The Drug-Free Marshals.

1.We set an example for othersby being drug-free ourselves.

2.We learn the truth about howdrugs harm people. There is a lot offalse information spread aboutdrugs. Once you know the facts, youcan decide for yourself.

3.We tell people about the DrugFree Marshals so that if someone isthinking of taking drugs, he can talkto a Drug-Free Marshal first and findout the facts.

4.We meet leaders in the community andswear them in as Drug-Free Marshals.They then help us to make drug-free neighborhoods.

By being a Drug-free Marshal, Iknow that I’m helping people stayaway from getting trapped in drugs.

I’m asking you to become aDrug-Free Marshal too.

Take a look around The Drug-Free Marshals Site so you can find out howto become one.



To find out more
about the Drug Free Marshals
and what they are doing
to make a difference.
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