The Drug-Free Marshals’ Profiles

Alvin Moore a Los Angeles teenager heads a community effort for the "Drug-Free Marshals"

Fourteen-year-old Alvin Moore does some of the same things his friend do - but taking drugs is not one of them.

In fact, Alvin works hard to keep his friends off drugs. He does this as a "Drug-Free Marshal" in Compton, California, a community in Los Angeles which has been hard hit by drugs.

Alvin Moore is one of thousands of Drug-Free Marshals who takes his role seriously. He says he wants to do something about his friends who started using drugs when they were 12, some even younger. "They start with cigarettes or alcohol but soon it’s marijuana and crack," Moore said.

Moore proudly wears his Drug-Free Marshal badge and is never afraid to talk to his friends about the dangers of drugs. "I tell them everything I know about drugs," he said. "I tell them what a waste they are, how they affect your mind and destroy it, how they cause violence and death."

Why does he do it? Because it’s easier for someone his own age to listen to him than to a teacher or any other grown-up, he says.

He also talks to adults about the dangers of drugs. A few months ago, he officiated at the swearing-in of the entire Compton City Council, and he has made speeches and appeared on local TV to discuss the campaign.

His goal? To find more kids like him who want to start a Drug-Free Marshals program in their community: "I can write to them on my computer and build up the network of Drug-Free Marshals across the United States. We really can make a difference."

"Drug-Free Marshals" Swearing-In Ceremony Los Angeles, California

"If you know of someone age 6-15 who should be featured here because of outstanding work as a Drug Free Marshal, write to Drug Free Marshals, 6331 Hollywood Blvd, LA, CA 90028."

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