Received by the Drug-Free Marshals

The Nancy Reagan Foundation

April 3, 1993

Dear Friends:

I am delighted to send my warmest greetings to you today and to learn that you are taking an oath to be drug-free. I am very proud of you for taking this oath, and you should be very proud of yourselves too.

It is not always easy to say NO to alcohol and other drugs, and that is why the "Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA" campaign is so important -- it helps to give you the positive peer support you need to say NO. Everyone is counting on you to help other people say NO, and I have always said that there is no better way to stop this menace than for drug-free youths to serve as role models to friends, peers and family members. We are all counting on you, and I know you can do it!

Please always stay involved in this important campaign. You have my very best wishes for a bright and drug-free future.


Nancy Reagan

"Drug-Free Marshals" Swearing-In Ceremony
Los Angeles, California
Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C

April 3, 1993

Although duties in Washington, D.C. prevent me from being there, my heart is with you today as you swear-in the Drug-Free Marshals.

I would like to commend all the groups who have united to make L.A. drug-free in ’93 and I would like to thank the Church of Scientology for hosting this important event at this beautiful location.

It is quite gratifying to see children coming together from all walks of life in this diverse city and enthusiastically working together to play a role in spreading the word about the scourge of drugs in our society.

Drugs ruin promising lives before they ever have a chance to begin. You Drug-Free Marshals are going to save lives and allow our friends to appreciate this wonderful world and contribute positively to it.

I, once again, tip my hat to all of you for taking part in this campaign against drugs.

Warmest regards,

Carlos J. Moorhead
Member of Congress

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