"How Can I
Help to Create
A Drug-Free Community?"

All youth are invited to participate in a contest in which they answer the question, "How Can I Help to Create a Drug-Free Community?"

Ideas can be communicated through writing essays or poems, drawing pictures or posters, composing songs or any other form of communication.

Winners are sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals -- and everyone is a winner in this contest because all who participate get the opportunity to become Marshals. They receive a "marshals" badge recognizing their status and the right to swear in other kids and adults.

Would you like to participate? Or perhaps you know a young person who would?

Send your essay, poem, picture or song to:

Drug-Free Marshals
6331 Hollywood Boulevard
Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 960-3500

Here are some winning entries.
We will be displaying new winners as they are chosen.
Check back to the site from time to time. And don’t forget to press the reload button on your browser!


Erick Melena, (P4)

"For us to have a drug-free Compton we have to have people who care about the community. We have to have people who will help us clean up Compton.

Another way we could have a drug-free Compton is to stop all the gangsters that are selling drugs in the streets so that all the people could live in peace.

Compton could raise more money if we set-up a group of men and kids we could make a clean-up crew to clean up Compton.

That’s what we need to do to have a drug-free Compton".


Maria Arechiga,

"I am very proud of being a drug-free marshal and I will always be one too. Always in my life I will remember that I am a drug-free marshal or person.

I will never try drugs because they never lead you anywhere and they never will. If they lead you somewhere it must be death. Everybody who does drugs end up streets and nobody will want them.

That is why I will never try them or sell them because it will be like killing somebody yourself.

Well, I promise never to use drugs and to help other people so they don’t try drugs."


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